COSTUME DESIGNER  for Theatres, Opera houses, TV, Film productions

Atelier PRAGUE

  Design of period Costumes and Accesorries, luxury masks  

Design of modern.fantasy, sc-fi. costumes

Scenography atelier for Iva F.

          design of historical, contemporary leather and metal equipments, accessories      

Designer supervision on costumeś  production , production´s administration,

Quarantee of costumś and accessorieś production in Czech republlic


Scenography atelier


Toyś designer

Tmobile TVC     




List of Heritage Sites        Bohemian  Chateaux - Castle 

The Czech Republic is a country full of historic buildings

private objects, sacerdotal objects, many objects are owned by the state



In the Czech republic there are 2032 recorded stately homes in existence

( 331 castles and castle ruins, 1446 chateaux, 200 manors and former monasteries converted into chateaux )

Up to 1989, more then 154 castles, chateaux ( and monasteries) were open to the public . In them, over 750 000 collected items  are invertoried along with material of an evidental and archival nature.

Since 1990, restitution laws were adopted ( in particular the laws on the allevation of the consequences of certain injustices concerning property, rehabilitation settlemens outside of court and the rectification of the use of land and other agricultural property ),

DOC243.PDF (1171809) Chateaux in Bohemia

Cour d ´honneur  castles, palaces, statley homes    National Heritage Institute


Scenography of 3D  design for Videomaping -  Scenographer  cooperation on Visual project



P R O D U C T I O N 

Atelier quarentee production and scenography of artistic exhibitions

with light design,

Exhibitions  / artistic exhibitions are currentely closed - because  the quaranteen of Covid 19 /

Atelier owns more than 70 authentic items, replicas of periods costumes,masks, accessories, antiques,

that go from the end of the 19th century right up to the 1930.

This allows us to organise unique, theme-based exhibitions of very high cultural value completed by iconographies and sketches.


Festivities  in historical costumes   + photography / portraits in historical costumes



" Through cherishing our cultural heritage, we can discover our diversity and start an inter-cultural conversation about what we have in common.

So what better way to enrich our lives than by interacting with something so central to who we are? "  / Source Europe. eu /




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