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                          / Krompholcová /









Technical University Liberec  - Faculty of Fashion, Interior Textile design        title  Bc  1997


The Academy of Performing Arts Prague  DAMU  -   Faculty of Scenography     title MgA 2007

Costume and Mask Prof. Jana Zbořilová

MFA, Diploma work Václav Havel Beggarś Opera    


Psychosocial signs in costume and mask of dramatic characters of Beggar´s Opera.


Theses :




Central Saint Martinś ( University of Arts London ) United Kingdom

MFA, Faculty of Scenography 2006, Prof. Pete Brooks


National Heritage Institute -  Prague 2017 - 2020   trainning seminar -  quard of the cultural heritage, built heritage

Essay     Alfonse Maria Mucha   The Slav epic     /  Czech /  Slovanska epopej


Lecteurer for students, children   UNESCO

       Professional authorś scenicś project STILL. LIFE     2020 - 2021  COVID - CULTURE
exhibition 2022








2018   Whiskey Cavalier         /  USA / cooperation with costume designer Kathina Le Kerr


2016    Brittania         / UK/   cooperation costumes department


2013 The Secret and Mystery of Life, Czech republic, directed by Petr Vachler

Costume designer


2009 Little Foxes / Czech republic, Slovak republic, Ireland / directed by Mira Fornay

Costume designer


2006 At you on risk / Czech republic / Romania / directed by Filip Renč

Costume designer


2006  Frankie is a womanaizer  / Czech republic /


2003        Genius of Mozart      BBC Documentary film / UK / director James Kent Ursulla Mac Farlaine  BAFTA AWARD

                                  As. Costume designer   + Costume Supervison  

2003    PBS  The Fish  TV short / USA/    director Alfonso Cuaron    EMMY  AWARD


Costume designer


2000 The chance of Millenium   FAMU - short film, directed by Bořek Hořínek

costume designer

1997 PARDAILAN   wardrobe - Assitant of costumes department

1996 PINOCCHIO  production assitant



Internationals  TV Commercials /  more then 300

Honda / Finland, Sweeden, Renault / France,
Budweiser / USA, Baylies/ France , Belairdirect / Canada, UK, France ..
 U.S.A.I.D. in Prague 199  J. A. K.    / 1942 - 2021 /
Actor, publicist, director of documentary films      Jiří Datel Novotný    / 1944 - 2017 /   maint part - Les Visiteurs / 1993/
Sculptor Prof. Jan Lauda / 1898 - 1959/


Scenographer, costume designer is represented by company Scenography International,

 contractual relationship.




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